“Polish Graphic Design Week” is a project presenting Polish graphic design that takes place regularly during international festivals, conferences and events focused on visual culture in Europe and throughout the world. Each time it takes place, “Polish Graphic Design Week” consists of a series of lectures, workshops, discussions and exhibitions organised over the course of several days, with the participation of Poland’s most prominent design practitioners and theorists.

Polish applied design is perceived throughout the world via the phenomenon and achievements of the Polish School of Posters which arose in the 1950s and 1960s and developed splendidly until the fall of Communism. As a result of the political and social transformations in the 1990s, the Polish design scene became completely dominated by the aggressive language of marketing and flashy advertising. Polish graphic design had a chance to flourish again after the year 2000 when Poland’s economic development stabilised, and the design environment had an opportunity for increased professionalisation and relative stability in Poland’s new free-market reality.

Presently the design scene in Poland is developing very dynamically in various directions, domains and styles. The objective of “Polish Graphic Design Week” is to present the newest trends in Polish applied graphic design which are not widely known: contemporary typography, children’s book illustrations, experimental web design, information design, book design, culture branding and urban activism, as well as journalism, commentary and publications dedicated to Polish design.

Present-day designers and theoreticians propose an original language for Polish design which not only draws from, makes reference to and is inspired by the tradition of the Polish School of Posters, but also proposes an entirely new perspective on visual communication.

“Polish Graphic Design Week 2018” will take place in Torino (during the “Torino Graphic Days” festival and within the framework of events organised by “Print Club Torino”), in Glasgow (during the “Graphic Design Festival Scotland”), in Breda (within the framework of events organised by “Graphic Matters” festival), in Eindhoven (during the “Dutch Design Week” festival and within the framework of events organised by “Playgrounds” festival and “Graphic Matters” festival), in Bratislava (within the framework of events organised the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Slovak Design Center) and in Košice (during the “Eastern Design Conference”).

The Polish participants in the project will be: Jan Bajtlik, Edgar Bąk, Jan Franciszek Cieślak, Agata Dudek (Acapulco studio), Krzysztof Goliński (PanGenerator), Jakub Koźniewski (PanGenerator), Michał Jarocinski, Viktoriya Grabowska, Grzegorz Myćka, Katarzyna Nestorowicz (Noviki), Małgorzata Nowak (Acapulco studio), Marcin Nowicki (Noviki), Rene Wawrzkiewicz and Filip Zagórski (Type2).

Curator of the project:
Rene Wawrzkiewicz

Partners: Karakter

The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.